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Aerin hath eaten five pies today. Oops, I mean spun. Spun five pies.

So everywhere I go, people are always asking me, "Aerin, what sort of music do you like?". Not really, because I go largely ignored, but if they DID ask, I would certainly tell them all about it.

To begin with, I'm a big fan of shoegaze. Well, more like a fair-weather friend of shoegaze, because some of it makes me cringe, but even the really dull, repetitive stuff (yes, you, Catherine Wheel. I am in fact talking to you) is pretty darn good.
This is Curve. Curve is awesome, even if you don't like the guitar-reverb-and-ticky-ticky-drum-machine sound.

I also like gothic music. It was the first genre of music that ever made me go, "Hey, I like music!"

Wolfsheim- Approaching Lightspeed

Hungry Lucy- Grave (Digger Remix)

Sometimes I listen to pop. I really like a lot of nineties pop, because it had a sort of edginess that I lack. Do you like Garbage? You should.

Garbage- Queer

I used to be a big damn AFI fan. Now I'm a quiet, slightly embarassed AFI fan. Also, Davey got really old, you know? It's scary. I can see myself staring, ashen-faced, at a newpaper in 40 years, going "What? He died? He's not 26 forever?". Loving Davey, or any other teenage hearthrob, means facing one's own mortality.

AFI- End Transmission. If you download only one of these songs, let it be this one. I really like this song, but I wish it had a slightly different sound. It's a 'spending the apocalypse with the one you love, shooting zombies to pass the time' song, but there's something off about it. If I had a terminal illness, I would use my Make A Wish Foundation wish to get VNV Nation to remix this song. Then I would die happily.

Lastly, as a closing act, we have Cocteau Twins. Guaranteed to make everyone in earshot say "What in the world are you listening to?". It sounds like Claire Voyant drowning in a bubble bath.

Blind Deaf Dumb-


My Lover Paramour-

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